Parenting Tip 18: How To Stop Wasting Life Energy


Mom…Dad:  How Much
Juice Is Wasted?

Let’s imagine something:  Every day upon awakening, your children (and you) have been given a gift.  This gift comes in the form of a brand new daily dose of ‘Results Juice.’

The ‘Results Juice’ is there to allow you and your children to make decisions and choices in order to get ‘results’ from life.  The juice gives you the ability to choose how to use your energy to get more of what you want.

Each of us only gets a certain amount of this daily juice.  Once used up, then there is no more available for today.  Every time we make a decision to create some result, we expend a portion of our ‘Results Juice.’  Just imagine, every decision to do something requires that you or your child pour some juice out of the bottle.  When it’s dry for the day, we have no juice left for creating good results.

Some of us use our ‘Results Juice’ very wisely, and conserve this juice so we can create great results when it counts.  We end up with more of what we want in life.  For others, we waste this juice and it shows up in our daily life and in our children’s lives.

How Do We Waste This Precious ‘Results Juice?’

There are many daily tasks that simply must be completed every day, because we want a healthy, productive and responsible life.  Some examples would be showers, brushing teeth, preparing meals, and homework for the kids.  These are done every day if we want a positive result such as healthy teeth, clean bodies and good grades.

However, many of you see how your children argue every day for a negative result.  They fight to put off their homework, or argue about brushing their teeth and debate endlessly over eating their veggies.  These are great examples of wasting their ‘Results Juice’ seeking a harmful result.

For some, you see this waste of juice begins as the day starts, with arguments over getting up, dressed and out the door.  Every day you end up in these battles, as your child wastes their precious allotment of ‘Results Juice’ to try to get something that is unhealthy, impractical or even impossible (not go to school).

For others, your child wastes their juice fighting for a sloppy room, or to become a homework ‘loser’ or even to stay up till midnight.  Yes, your children are using their good juice, but fighting for a result that will not serve them.   And in response, you also are wasting your good juice in the battle!

How To Use Our Juice Wisely?

There is a simple way to avoid this waste.  We must not debate or argue over the pre-determined ‘results’ we want in our home!   We know the result we want, so we need to stop talking about it or debating it.

Instead, these healthy decisions must be pre-determined and a daily structure put in place that eliminates the debates and arguments.   This is a critical skill to develop, and it begins with understanding that you must STOP the debates and discussions.   Next, you must learn to use leverage to get the results you want, and not expend your own personal ‘Results Juice’ fighting every day to get your kids to do the right thing.

In essence, we set up our home so that the ‘Results Juice’ can only be used on the good stuff, such as figuring out a homework problem or resolving a conflict with a brother or sister.  This is a parenting skill that will transform both the quality of your home life, and also the quality of your child’s life.

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